Zero Bounds Roundnet Set


Being players ourselves, we have designed a roundnet set that allows for awesome game play. Sturdy, durable, easily set up, with elite match balls included (you’re welcome).

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Being players ourselves, we have designed a roundnet set that allows for awesome game play. Sturdy, durable, and easily set-up, with 2 elite match balls included (you’re welcome).


Our set is made with a deep rim as standard. This is so the set stays strong with the tension of the net (so no warping), making the sets sturdy and durable.


The legs are designed to rotate, which allows for the set to be stored flat without the need for disassembly.  Within the pack you also receive anti-slip pads to place on the bottom of the legs. This provides greater grip for when playing on hard surfaces, such as gym floors.


Our net is made to fit the set perfectly. Remember to adjust your net as you play, as it will loosen on the first few plays. You want a nice tight net to get a good rebound and minimise pockets. 


The roundnet set comes with 2 elite match balls.  We spent months developing the elite match ball to offer the best experience for all players. It has greater grip and a flash of contrasting black to blue so you (and the fans) can track those spin shots. These balls are inflatable, using the pump provided in the set. 

They are the standard size of 30.5cm circumference, and come inflated to our ideal specification, but you can of course adapt these to suit your games and ability level.

  • 5 x Rim pieces
  • 5 x Leg Pieces
  • 1 x Net
  • 2 x Elite Match Balls
  • 1 x Pump
  • 1 x Bag
Zero Bounds bespoke Roundnet sets
Weight 1.9 kg
  1. Sophie

    These sets are great value for money and super durable (so far). Easy & quick to set up and take anywhere, not to mention great fun for both adults and kids.

  2. Katie

    Really happy with the set so far, kids absolutely love it & has definitely got us outside & active through lockdown! Really well built too.

  3. Eloise Smith

    Great kit, great price. We played at the beach the other day and the kids and adults loved it!

  4. Ellie Moss

    Brilliant set, great value for money. Perfect for family games at the park or beach, the kids love it.

  5. Maureen Warke

    I bought this set with the aim of playing it with our children and grandchildren in the garden as well as on the beach and as it’s so portable we can take it on days out and camping too.. it’s such great fun for all ages and abilities, we all love it..

  6. Sarah Gowman

    Really pleased with this set, great quality and price and we’ve already had lots of fun playing this as a family. Highly recommended, brilliant game for adults and children alike.

  7. Ciaran Nye

    Highly recommended!! These are great quality sets – awesome value for money. We have been setting up a club in Exeter, and the Zero Bounds team have been super helpful too 🙂 Will certainly be buying more.

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Zeo Bounds Roundnet sets
Zero Bounds Roundnet Set

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